viernes, 11 de septiembre de 2009


01 PARIS ANGELS all on you (perfume)
02 THE BELOVED it's alright now (7'' mix)
03 THE STONE ROSES elephant stone (12'' mix)
04 ASIA FIELDS save me
05 CANDY FLIP rhythim of love
06 THE HOLLOW MEN pantera rosa (radio edit)
07 BEDAZZLED teenage mother superior
08 THE CHARLATANS then (alternate take)
09 THE APPLE MOTHS fred astaire
10 A.R. KANE a love from outer space
11 THE GRID boom! (7'' version)
12 ULTRA VIVID SCENE mercy seat (remix)
13 ELECTRONIC lean to the inside
14 FLOWERED UP weekender (full length version)
15 THE JENNIFERS just got back today

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